A side note of advice: He does not believe in paying retail.  

Nevin takes diamond trading to an exuberant new level both on local and international shores.

A note from Nevin Sher

I aim to create seamless collaborative diamond acquisitions, from loose diamonds and even designed pieces.
A process whereby my clientele is involved every step of the way ensuring they get their custom piece of jewellery they desire for the price that they deserve. You get what you pay for, always!

By dealing direct, I am able to bring you the very best in luxury minus the excessive price tag.
I would love to get to know you and present you a tailored experience, in creating and personalising that perfect exquisite diamond piece that meets your every aspiration. It’s as simple as that.

Nevin Sher is unique compared to other diamond retailers and dealers, with over 15 year of industry experience in diamond trading and dealing, he has armed himself with an arsenal of industry certifications, including being a member of the South African Diamond dealers club, as well as building a team of highly skilled craftsmen.

Experience, playing in the industry and his creative side has led him to start “The Nevin Sher – The Diamond Guy ™ brand” which aims to bridge the gap between consumer and diamond, cutting out the retailer (and the bullshit) and giving you the real diamond value for your money.