Although my academic career started with a BComm degree my specialty and call to purpose BEGAN with diamond trading.
I absolutely love what I do! From the moment I began, I was always fascinated by the multi-faceted world of diamonds.

It’s a demanding eco-system to break into and I can tell you it’s not for the faint-hearted, but the enjoyment and thrill of dealing in gems provides me with ample compensation in many aspects. The pleasure in seeing clients faces and eyes light up when they get their final piece, is what makes me love what I do!
Its a great feeling in making people smile 😉 

Honing-in on my experience, expertise, ability to source, trade and scrutinize precious gems both locally and internationally has given me the front-runner advantage when it comes to removing the middle-man or as you may refer to it the “retailer”. I only carry diamond inventory and it needs to be known that I do not carry ready made jewellery pieces, ensuring that your exclusive piece is a never-to-be repeated design.

Your budget becomes my masterplan to creating your masterpiece.

 I work personally with each and every one of my clients – It’s just you, me and your very own one-of-a-kind piece.

Be Smart!

Make sure you know what you’re buying and who

you’re buying it from.